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Texas Historical Commission
Historic Cemetery Preservation Program

Importance of Historic Cemeteries

Cemeteries are among the state's most valuable historic resources. Texas has about 50,000 historic cemeteries. These resources not only help identify settlement patterns, they also reveal information about historical events, religious practices, lifestyles, and genealogy.

Grave markers serve as directories of early residents and reflect the ethnic diversity and unique population of an area. Grave marker designs, cemetery decoration and landscaping represent a variety of cultural influences that helped shape the history of Texas.

Threatened Historic Resources

Historic Cemeteries do not necessarily remain permanent fixtures of our heritage. For example:

Texas Historical Commission Resources

Cemetery Preservation Program Staff

Staff members lead the charge to preserve cemeteries across the state. Activities include:

Cemetery Booklet

Texas Preservation Guidelines - Preserving Historic Cemeteries, published by the Texas Historical Commission, gives an overview of cemetery laws and offers information on how to protect and restore historic cemeteries. The booklet includes tips on cleaning, repairing, and maintaining gravestones and cemetery grounds.

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation

Cemeteries that are at least 50 years old and are considered worthy of recognition and preservation for their historic associations are eligible to received the Historic Texas Cemetery designation. This designation, while it cannot guarantee that historic cemeteries will not be destroyed, recognizes their significance and encourages further preservation of these unique resources.

Tips for Protecting Historic Cemeteries

Cleaning Gravestones

Before cleaning any stone, carefully inspect its condition. If the surface readily falls away, you should not clean it. Gravestones should not be cleaned more than once every 18-months. Keep a detailed record of cleaning dates, materials, and change in condition since the last cleaning. These records will allow the stones to be monitored over time. Preserving Historic Cemeteries provides more extensive cleaning information.

Maintenance and Awareness

Regular maintenance and community awareness are two of the best ways to protect and preserve historic cemeteries. Please keep the Texas Historical Commission informed of cemetery preservation projects taking place in your community, we may be able to offer you assistance.

For More Information

For more information or to receive a free copy of Preserving Historic Cemeteries or an application for the Historic Texas Cemetery designation contact Gerron Hite, cemetery program administrator, at (512) 475-4167 or e-mail: gerron.hite@thc.state.tx.us or write to

    Texas Historical Commission
    History Programs Division
    P. O. Box 12276
    Austin, Texas 78711-2276

Also, visit our web site at:        http://www.thc.state.tx.us

The Texas Historical Commission is the state agency for historic preservation. The agency administers a variety of programs to preserve the archeological, historical, and cultural resources of Texas.

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