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Milam County, Texas

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Milam County, Texas: List of Honor --
Individuals Who Have Given Their Lives in the
Defense of Their Country from World War I through Vietnam

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Charlie Eugene Hux [1] [2]

Private First Class (PFC), U.S. Army, Korean War


Service No.: 25980751

Social Security No.: 458-14-5442

Born: 5 May 1931 at Milam Co., Texas [3]

Died: 25 Jul 1953 at Hwang-gi, North Korea [4]

Age at time of loss: 22 years, 2 months, 20 days

Home of Record: Hanover, Milam Co., Texas

Race: Caucasian

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Railroad worker

Attended: Milano Schools, Milano, Texas

Religion: Baptist

Physical Description: Height-5'9", Weight-139 lbs, Eyes-Hazel, Hair-Brown, Shoe Size-10C

Prior Service: Texas National Guard (8 Feb 1949 to 19 Jun 1950)

Entered Service: 14 Oct 1952

Overseas Duty:

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): 1795

Ship/Unit: Co. C, 140th Tank Battalion, 40th Infantry Division

Awards: Purple Heart

Casualty Type: Hostile, killed-in-action (ground casualty)

Cause of Death: Multiple fragmentation wounds in the left side and back

Casualty Location: Map Coordinates - DT 297460

Soundex Code: H-200

Census: None available

Parents: August Hux (veteran, World War I) (1893-1962) and Alma Draper Hux (1904-1982)

Brothers: Garland Wayne Hux, Berned Hux, August Hux, Jr. (b/d 1927)

Sisters: Brenda Hux Halpain Stanford, Dorothy Hux Donaho, Catherine Hux Morris, Mildred Hux Bazemore, Lillie Jo Hux Ayer

Paternal Grandparents: Harvey Hux (ca. 1849-1925) and Celiena Wiscum Hux

Maternal Grandparents: __________ Draper and __________ Draper

Wife: None

Children: None

Remains Returned to United States: 28 Sep 1953, Oakland Army Base, Oakland, CA

Burial: 4 Oct 1953 (1500 hours) at Liberty Community Cemetery, Liberty, Milam Co., Texas

Arrangements: Marek-Burns Funeral Home, Cameron, Texas

Military Escort: Sergeant First Class Marion L. Solomon (Service No.: 17297025)

Military Honors Rendered by: Ft. Hood Army Honor Guard

Milam County War Memorial:

PFC Hux was killed-in-action at approximately 2250 hours on 25 Jul 1953 at Hawng-gi, North Korea. PFC Hux was retrieving a disabled tank on the MLR [5] , when an enemy illuminating flare was sent up exposing the tank and crew, resulting in enemy mortar rounds landing nearby. According to the report written by Captain, J. R. McLauchlin, Medical Corps and the Report of Interment, PFC Hux received fragmentation wounds over his body, most severe on his back and at the base of the skull with a penetrating wound at the back of the neck.

His body was recovered and evacuated, by a 2 ton truck, to the 40th Infantry Division Grave Registration Unit. From there, his body was evacuated to the mortuary in Kokura, Japan where he was temporarily interned in the Mausoleum on 31 Jul 1953 with a "Protestant memorial religious ceremony" conducted by Major Gerald C. Dean, Chaplains Corps.

Army records reflect the witnesses to the incident which resulted in PFC Hux's death were: First Lieutenant Alan T. Flodin (Service No.: 01881627) and Second Lieutenant Arthur H. Dillemuth, Jr. (Service No. 01931198) both with Co. C, 140th Tank Battalion, 40th Infantry Division.

According to Charles P. Warren (B.S., M.A. - Member of the American Anthropological Association) in the Identification Data report [6]:

"This man (PFC Hux) is tall and slight in build, with a brunette complexion. The head is small, with a high hairline. The eyebrows are sparse and restricted in length. The air is fine, wavy and brown. The nose has a high bridge, is medium in length and narrow, with a straight contour. The facial hair is heavy and dark brown in color. The mouth is small with thin lips. The chin is protruding. The ears are large and have large, fee lobes. The face is narrow and is oval in shape. Body hair is abundant on thorax and extremities. This flesh-covered remains shows evidence of multiple penetrating wounds of the posterior neck, posterior trunk, buttocks and both legs with shattering of right innominate (pelvis)."

"Milano Soldier Killed Prior to Armistice" [7]

The death of a young soldier from Milano, Pfc. Chas. E. Hux, 22, in Korea a day prior to the signing of the Armistice was a tragedy of the last days of the war.

Pfc. Hux was a son of Mr. and Mrs. August Hux who live near Milano. They received official notification from the government Friday evening that their son had been killed on July 25th. He was a member of the 140th tank battalion and was driver of a tank. He had been in the army approximately a year and had been serving in the South Pacific area for approximately four months.

He had been in training at Ft. Hood before being sent overseas.

Pfc. Hux attended the Milano School and had lived in this county all of his life until joining the army.

He is survived by his parents: a brother, Garland Hux of Milano and five sisters, Berned Hux of Milano, Mrs. Alden Ewenson and Mrs. Jack Marrs of Austin, Mrs. Bernard Zalesky of Cameron and Mrs. Erwin Posival of Arizona -- Cameron Enterprise.


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[5] MLR = Main Line of Resistance

[6] Item #21, QMC Form 1044, Identification Data, prepared on 31 Jul 1953 by First Lieutenant Rex. E. Gerald.

[7] Rockdale Report, 13 Aug 1953, p. 4b.

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