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Milam County, Texas

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Milam County, Texas: List of Honor --
Individuals Who Have Given Their Lives in the
Defense of Their Country from World War I through Vietnam

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American Troops Advancing
Northern France, World War I
Harold Brett
On-Line Art Collection, U.S. Army Center for Military History

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In Memoriam
by H. S. Whitney **

Somewhere in France, where duty led,
He filled a patriot's grave.
The larks sing high above his head,
Only the larks knew the hallowed bed.
Where lies our soldier brave,
Sacred the ground where a soldier sleeps.
Who came at this country's call,
Onward the tide of battle sweeps.
Only the lark o'er his bosom weeps,
Yet he gave to the world his all.

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John H. Andrews, USA

John M. Batey, USA

Charles Beaty (Beatty),USA
Shelton Beaty (Beatty), USA

Harry W. Beavers, USA

Joe Brown, Jr., USA

William W. Brown, USA

Jesse J. Bullard, USA

Lenon T. Burgess, USN
USS Cyclops

Hichs R. Carlile, USA
James W. Carlile, USA

Brodie L. Caywood, USA

Samuel T. Childress, USN

Lloyd W. Clarke, USA

William M. Craven, USA

Fredinand J. David, USA

John T. Davis, USA

Mohon H. Doggett, USA

Rudolph H. Fieseler, USA

Jesse L. Fleming, USA

Rogers Franklin, USA

William E. Hardy, USA

Ollie Henderson, USA

Emil Hengst, USA

John T. Hill, USA

Theodore Hoes, USA

Jake G. Hollingsworth, USA

Floyd A. Jackson, USA

Adolf F. Klement, USA

Edmond Krull, Civilal with the Forces

Joseph A. Kuntz, USN
USS A-7 (submarine)

Monroe Laffere, USA

John T. Lanier, USA

Oliver H. Lankford, USA

Frank Larza, USA

Edd Lowrey, USA

George Lutner, USA

Robert A. Martin, USA

Jesse Mathews, USA

Roy W. May, USA

Branch Miller, USA

Joseph P. Mlcak, USA

Lee M. Mullinax, USA

Willie A. Roberts, USA

Joe V. Salac, USA

James Seaton, USA

Frank W. Sefcik, USA
William L. Sefcik, USA

Sandy Shepheard, USA
U.S. Naval Station, Newport News, RI

Daniel N. Smith, USA

Aubrey Story, USA

Lee Thompson, USA

Ira W. Walker, USA

Elbert S. Westbrook, USA

Kelly M. White, USA

Manuel White, Jr., USA

Charlie M. Williams, USA

Barney Woods, _____

Carroll Woody, USA

USA = U.S. Army / USN = U.S. Navy

** Whitney, H. S., "In Memoriam," Cameron Herald, Cameron, Texas, Nov. 14, 1918, p. 8

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