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Milam County, Texas

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Milam County, Texas: List of Honor --
Individuals Who Have Given Their Lives in the
Defense of Their Country from World War I through Vietnam

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Military Necessity
Pont L'Abbe, Normand, World War II
Aaron Bohrod, 1944
On-Line Art Collection, U.S. Army Center for Military History

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My Missing Boy*
by Mrs. C. L. Lively
in memory of her son, Charles C. Lively

You see this boy, just one
Of the other boys, you'll see everywhere,
But I see the one I love.
My boy with dark, wavy hair,
And as I think of him now,
I travel down his childhood lane
And find memories that cannot be erased.

I see things others do not know;
From early morn until set of sun
His task of love was never done.
He shared my hopes, my dreams and my plans.
I can hear his footsteps tiptoeing away
After saying "Goodnight, Mother, dear";
I still remember the songs he wanted sung
And the stories read he liked best.

He believed in me and understood,
And even now, we can probably
Never meet again on this earth,
I know he will meet me
On the golden shore with outstreatched arms.

I see in this boy a beautiful face.
I love him -- for he is my boy.

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Elton L. Abernathy
James C. Allen
Raymound Allison, Jr.
L. C. Angell
George Aplin
William M. Arnett
William E. Baggett
Henry A. Baker
Walter L. Baldwin
Wade H. Bankston
Victor J. Barchenger
Owen J. Barker
Paul C. Bartlett
Clyde D. Batte
Aldine Beard, Jr.
Johnnie W. Beard
Morris J. Beesley
Robert J. Bennett
Lester L. Black
Tommy S. Blake
Homer D. Bland
Otto W. Breitkreutz
James P. Brown
Billy B. Bryan
Grant Burgess
Wilma T. Caldwell
Elbert Callaway
Edgar H. Caywood, Jr.
Frank C. Chernoskey
Leon A. Chollett
Virgil L. Crawford
Charles W. Critchfield
Jesse M. Critchfield
Ernest A. Davis
James R. Dodson
Leon C. DuBois
Woodrow W. Ermis
Roy Erwin, Jr.
Marvin L. Ethridge
Elton Fisher
Raymond Scott Evans
Homer Frazier
J. B. Fulcher
Howard Gailbreath
Edward C. Gandy
Clifford D. Garner
Francisco Garza
Thomas H. Gilliland
William G. Gillis, Jr.
George Goodwin, Jr.
Robert N. Griffin
Ralph E. Gunnels
Julius S. Hardin
Dillard D. Harris
James T. Harris
Jesse Hernandez
John Hernandez
Vicente Y. Hernandez
Joseph J. Hibner, Jr.
Howard G. Hickman
Burton A. Hill
Curtis E. Hill
Wesley H. Hoover
William D. Horton
Walter E. Houston
Gilbert L. Hughes
John L. Isbel
Howard V. Isbell
Don L. Johnson
Harry Johnson
Roy W. Jones
Loma T. Judkins
Van Kennon
Eugene H. Key
Joe E. Kleypas
George R. Knight
Clifton Eugene Knipp
Johnnie C. Krause
Frank J. Kutnak
Edwin E. Kunzel
Clayton D. Lassiter
Guthrie F. Layne, Jr.
Otto W. Lehmann
William A. Lewis
Charles C. Lively
Major R. Looney
Albert E. Lumpkins
Thuett Majors
Alvis G. Manning
Smoke Martin, Jr.
Albin C. Martinek, Jr.
Wayne H. McCallum
Giles McDermott
John C. McGregor
Dudley V. McGuyer
Wilburn D. McKay
Gilbert O. Menzel
Thomas A. Merritt
Marvin Mode
Leslie Moehler
Edward E. Moerbe
Waren G. Moore
Pedro Moreno
Johnny M. Morton
Melvin A. Moses
Thomas M. Nelson
Roger T. Newton
William J. Newton
Joe Novotny, Jr.
Sam Oliver
Jose Ordonez
Rafe A. Parker
Paul Patton
George H. Peets, Jr.
Marshall T. Pond
Del Posival
Jesse D. Pratt
Charlie A. Reimer
Homer F. Reimer
Roy Reyes
Jose M. Rivera
Roy C. Robertson, Jr.
Ernest Ross, Jr.
Billy E. Ruby
Samuel D. Rudder, Jr.
Winfred R. Russell
Vince A. Ruzigka
Wesley E. Scheer
Laurence C. Schiller
Ewald E. Schroeder
Max Schwinger, Jr.
Weldon D. Scroggins
John W. Sebek
Eugene Ferol Server
O. V. Sheffield
Max L. Shelton
James T. Shuemate
Ralph Sides
Lee Simmons, Jr.
Jay W. Smith
Paul J. Stack
Howard K. Stallcup
Claborn A. Steele
Graham H. Stringer
Arthur Taylor Jr.
Henry Rudolph Templin
Frank M. Tepera
Frank M. Terry
Stephen D. Terry
Jerry F. Tomek
Claude Turner
James S. Tyson
Walter J. Ulicnik
Quintin Vasquez
Otis Walker
John H. Wallace
Delbert E. Wells
Coy M. Weems
Marvin J. Wentrcek
Robert White
Lee V. Willeford
Milton T. Williams
Orville D. Williams
William M. Worcester
Halfred P. Wuthrich
J. Z. Young
Cyril F. Yuergens
August Zavdny

* Lively, Mrs. C. L., "My Missing Boy," Cameron Herald, Cameron, Texas, Nov. 15, 1945, p. 7

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