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The MCGS has published Some Central Texas Obituaries - The Celebration of Lives Lived containing approximately 4,000 obituaries gleaned from the Thorndale Champion and the Rockdale Reporter from 1906 to 1994.


Some surnames mentioned: Adams, Alford, Alexander, Averett, Bachmeyer, Baldridge, Barchenger, Bartlett, Becker(19), Biehle, Bownds(12), Brown(34), Butts, Caffey(20), Camp, Cardwell, Catchings, Caywood, Clark(17), Clement, Collins, Cooper, Cox, Cumbie, Davis(18), Doss, Drummond, Duncan, Eads, Eiland, Falke, Felfe, Fenter, Fisher, Fischer, Forbes, Galbreath, Gilbreath, Green, Gregory, Gunn, Guthrie, Haelbig, Handrick, Harper, Heine, Henke, Hill, Holliman, Hollowell, Hyde, Inocencio, Iselt, Jackson(44), Jenkins, Johnson(34), Jones(22), Keller, Kieschnick, King, Kornegay, Kyle, Lange, Laurence(16), Lawrence, Lehman/mann, Leschber(12), Lewis, Locklin(13), Lopez, Lovelace, Luckey(13), Malish, Martin, Matthews, McClaren, McConnell, McDaniel, Melde, Merkord, Mertz, Michalk, Minzenmayer, Moehnke, Moerbe(12), Moore(18), Morgan, Moseley(13), Mullinax, Munoz, Newman, Newton, Niemtschk, Obermiller, Oliver, Outlaw, Palm, Paris, Parker, Pasemann, Patschke(15), Peebles, Perry(11), Phillips(19), Pinkerton, Poe, Pratt, Prewitt, Pruett, Quinney, Ramseur, Ribbeck, Richter, Rieger, Roberts, Rodenbeck, Roepke, Rolan, Rosenthal, Rutherford, Sanchez, Sanders, Schneider(19), Schroeder, Schwarz, Seelig, Seelke, Shaw, Sheppard, Sides, Simank(14), Simmons(20), Skinner, Smith(29), Sonntag, Spence, Stallcup, Stanislaw, Stephens, Stewart, Stigall, Stiles, Stolle, Stork, Summerlin, Swain, Synatzske, Talbott, Talley, Taylor, Terry, Thompson, Titsworth, Todd, Towery, Townsend, Tucker(18), Turner, Tyler, Unnasch, Urban(14), Vance, Vasquez, Voight, Von Gonten, Wagner, Waiser, Walker, Walther, Washington, Weise, Wendland, Westerman, Wilder, Williams(42), Wilson(12), Winkler, Woelfel, Woods, Worley, Wuensche, Yakesch, Yarbrough, Yeager, Young, Yount, Zamorsky, Zanke, Zieschang, Zuehlke and MANY MORE.

Milam County Death Records, Volume I, 1903-1920

This publication gives the full name of the individual, sex, the volume and page number of the county record, the certificate number, color, index page, microfilm number, cause of death, marriage status, and the burial, location, undertaker, Doctor, or Justice of the Peace.

103 PAGES Softback

COST: $17.50 plus $2.50 shipping & handling)

Milam County Death Records, Volume II, 1921-1935

Same details as Volume I above.

110 PAGES Softback

COST: $17.50 plus + $2.50 shipping & handling

Milam County, Texas: Marriages, 1876-1885, Volume I

This publication gives the full name of the couples in two sections, groom surname order and bride surname order, date of marriage, and volume & page number.

130 PAGES spiral-bound

COST: $17.50 plus $2.50 shipping & handling

Milam County, Texas Marriages, 1886-1899, Volume II

Same details as Volume I above.

175 PAGES spiral-bound

COST: $17.50 plus + $2.50 shipping & handling

Milam County, Texas Divorces, 1874-191

This publication gives the full name of the couples in two sections, Petitioner & Defendant, date of divorce, cause number, & volume / page number


COST: $17.50 plus + $2.50 shipping & handling

All profit from these books will be used for the benefit of the Milam County Genealogical Research Center at the Lucy Hill Patterson Library.

To order or obtain more information, write to the MCGS at:

Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

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