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Milam County, Texas


Inventory of County Archives of Texas
No. 166. Milam County (Cameron)



The office of county school superintendent was first provided for in 1873, when the president of the board or school directors became ex-officio superintendent. [1] When the board was abolished in 1876, the county judge became ex-officio school superintendent. [2] In 1887 the commissioners courts, when they deemed it necessary, were authorized to provide for the election of a full-time superintendent. [3] Milam County has had a full-time superintendent since 1890. [4] The superintendent has immediate supervision of the schools of the county. [5] He is elected from the county at large and his term of office is 4 years. [6]

All of the records of the superintendent are in his bookroom.

257. SUPERINTENDENT ACCOUNT BOOK, 1922--. 14 vols. (5 vols. dated, 9 vols. unlabeled). Untitled, 1928--, 9 vols.

County school superintendent's accounts with school districts. 1922-27 shows name and number of school district, dates of entries, names of payees or payers, name of fund credited or debited, source of receipt or purpose of payment, amounts received or paid, and debit and credit balances. Budgetex accounting system, 1928--, shows name and number of district, inclusive dates, net number of scholastics including transfers to and from other districts, assessed property valuation, tax rate for local maintenance purposes, local tax collectible, amount of rural aid granted district, net amount due, current State available fund, amount due local maintenance fund, amount due transfers (independent, county line, common schools, and other counties), total State and county available fund, date received, date of voucher, voucher number, from what source, to whom payable, and date paid; State and county available fund (debit, credit, and balance); local maintenance fund (debit, credit, and balance); and rural aid fund (debit, credit, and balance). Arr. numer. by school district no. and thereunder chron. by date of entry. No index. Hdw. pr. hd. 160 to 600 pp. 16 x 11 x 1 to 16 x 24 x 4.

258. VOUCHERS (Stubs), 1936--. 10,500 stubs in 10 compartments of 1 wooden cabinet, 7 f.d.

Stubs of paid and canceled vouchers issued for the operation and maintenance of county schools, showing number, date, and amount of voucher, name of payee, school district number, and itemized account of supplies or material. Arr. chron. by date issued. No index. Hdw. pr. fm. F.d. 12 x 5 x l6.

259. COUNTY SUPT. BOND REGISTER, Apr. 10, 1913. 1 vol.

Register of bonds issued by school districts, showing name of bond issue, school district number, name of owner of bonds, serial numbers, amount and date of each bond, dates principal due and dates paid, and amounts of interest payments. Arr. one section for each bond issue. No index. Hdw. pr. hd. 200 dbl. pp. (62 used) 14 x 20 x 2.

260. SPECIAL SCHOOL ABSTRACT, 1919--. 12 vols. (dated).

Abstracts of school district lands, showing school district number, year date, name of owner, abstract number, original grantee, number of acres rendered and value, name of city or town, value of city lots and value of personal property, total amount of taxes due. Arr. numer. by district no. and thereunder alph. by owner's name. No index. Hdw. pr. hd. 640 pp. 17 x 15 x 3.

For tax assessor-collector's abstracts of lands, see entry 222.

261. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT'S RECORD SCHOOL DISTRICTS, July 14, 1913-Aug. 1, 1932. 1 vol.

Recorded copies of field notes of school districts, showing name and number of district, description of boundary lines, names of original grants included within districts and number of acres from each grant or tract, signature of surveyor and signature of county school superintendent as secretary of county board of school trustees to certification of adoption of notes by board and to volume and page reference to recording in County School Minutes, entry 256. Arr. chron. by date of certificate of adoption. No index. Typed. 600 pp. (182 used) 18 x 12 x 2.

262. CENSUS, 1932--. 9,000 papers in 5 wooden f.d., 6 cardboard f.b. Untitled, 1935--, 6 f.b.

Family census blanks, showing school district number, name of county, last and first names of children (white and Negro), birth date, age as of Sept. 1st, name of county in which parents resided on Apr. 1st last, length of residence in school district, nationality as indicated by language spoken at home, names of parents, signature of person rendering, and census trustee's attest. Arr. chron. by years. No index. Hdw. pr. fm. 4 x 8 x 12.

263. REGISTER OF TEACHERS' CERTIFICATES, Sept. 21, 1893--. 3 vols. (1, 2, one unlabeled).

Register of teachers' certificates, showing name, post office address, color, and sex of teacher, class and grade of certificate, by whom issued, date issued, and date of registration. Arr. chron. by registration date, 1893-1920; arr. alph. by first letter of teacher's surname and thereunder chron. by registration date, 1921--. No index. Hdw. pr. hd. 232 pp. 15 x 9 x 1.


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