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Milam County, Texas

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Private James S. Shuffield
Private Marcus N. "Mark" Shuffield
851st Militia District in Bartow County, Geogia

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James S. Shuffield and his son, Marcus N. “Mark” Shuffield were both enrolled in the 851st Militia District in Bartow County, Geogia, on Monday, 14 December 1863 by Captain Thomas K. Sproull, the Enrolling Officer. Captain Sproull was the Commander of Company O, Phillip’s Legion until April 1863. It is important to note that Harmon Jasper Shuffield, son of James S. Shuffield and brother of Marcus N. “Mark” Shuffield, was a member of Company O, Phillip’s Legion and Captain Sproull was his commanding officer.

The men in the 851st Militia District were originally organized into a home guard company, called the “Macedonia Silver Greys” at the Macedonia Baptist Church on Saturday, 18 May 1861 with Thomas J. Pyles elected Captain.

Bartow County, Georgia was a battle front from May 1864 through November 1864 with numerous battles ensuing between General W. T. Sherman (Union) and General Joseph E. Johnston (Confederate States Army).

Georgia Militia Districts - Before the outbreak of the Confederate War, the Georgia Militia was organized into 13 Military Divisions of Militia with each Division containing two Brigades. The 13 Divisions contained at least 124 Regiments and 342 Battalions. The Regiments and Battalions were composed of at least 1,257 District Companies from the Military Districts within the state.

By the middle of 1862 there were 154 Regiments and 1,162 District Companies. These companies were organized as companies of infantry, cavalry, and artillery. In addition there were at least 114 Volunteer Companies. When the war broke out these companies became the backbone of Confederate forces in Georgia, and although many of these companies entered into Confederate service, the structure of the Georgia State militia remained intact. In fact, during the Atlanta Campaign the state furnished General Joseph Johnston with four brigades of Georgia Militia under the command of Major General Gustavus W. Smith.

James was born on Thursday, 25 March 1824 in Georgia and currently the names of his parents are unknown. He died on Tuesday, 6 April 1909 in Milam County, Texas and was buried in-between his wife and son, Harmon Jasper Shuffield, at the Little River Cemetery, Milam County, Texas.

James was married to Martha Speed. [Note: This is thought by some to have been a second marriage but, to date, there is no documentation to indicate a first wife who was supposedly the mother of the children.] Martha was born on Monday, 10 March 1828 in Georgia and died on Friday, 12 October 1900 in Milam County.

James is known to have had eight children: Harmon Jasper Shuffield (1844-1907; Confederate Veteran, Co. O, Phillip’s Legion, Georgia Volunteers); Marcus N. “Mark” Shuffield (1845-1911, Confederate Veteran, 851st Militia District, Bartow County, Geogia) ; James Shuffield (Jr.) (b.abt.1849-1874); Emranda E. Shuffield (1850-1888; married: Jesse Griffin Sherrill); Sallie M. Shuffield (1855-d.bef.1932; married: Columbus Clinton Hair); Andrew Newton Shuffield (1857-1900); Frannie W. Shuffield (1858-1880; married: Jacob P. French); and, Elvira Abbie Shuffield (1861-1939; married: William Newton McMillan).

James is last found in Bartow County, Georgia in the Voters’ Registration dated Monday, 15 July 1867 and is first found in Milam County, Texas on the Voters’ Registration dated Monday, 26 November 1869.

Mark was born on Tuesday, 9 December 1845 in Georgia and died on Wednesday, 16 August 1911 in Cameron, Milam County, Texas.

He was married twice. First to Virginia L. Cullen on Tuesday, 29 December 1868 and they were divorced. They had 14 children: Benjamin B. Shuffield (1870-1880); Willie B. Shuffield (1871-1872); Mary A. Shuffield (1873-1948; married: Ruben Hartwell “Rube” Johnson); Newport S. Shuffield (1875-1898); John Cleveland Shuffield (1877-1943); Della D. Shuffield (1880-1937; married: (1) Walker R. Sheffield & (2) Dr. John Braxton Burford); Pearl Shuffield (1881-1883); Paul Shuffield (1883-1889); Mattie Shuffield (b. 1884); Lena/Laura Shuffield (b. 1886); Lila Shuffield (b. 1888; married: O. E. Whette); Clyde Shuffield (b. 1890); Jessica Shuffield; and, Walter A. Shuffield (b.abt. 1892). Virginia was born on Tuesday, 1 August 1854 and she died on Thursday, 27 July 1933 and was buried in the Powers Chapel Cemetery, Falls County, Texas.

He was married second to Ada Maria Donaldson on Monday, 19 November 1894 and they divorced in July 1909. They had five children: Effie/Essie Shuffield (b. 1895; married: E. E. Paul); Greer W. Shuffield (1897-1950); Tishie Shuffield (1900-1903; buried Oak Hill Cemetery next to her father); Helen Shuffield (b.abt. 1903; married: Mr. Peoples); and, Jewel Shuffield (1905). Ada was born in April 1878 in Tennessee and she died on Wednesday, 6 October 1965 in Tarrant County, Texas. She remarried second to Floyd E. Baggerly and her third husband was Ted Pittman.

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