** SS Paul Hamilton Personnel Lost at Sea - 20 Apr 1944 **

This roster was complied by the Casualty Branch, the Adjutant General's Office, Washington, DC - List No. 62 to document the "Personnel Lost at Sea as Result of Ship Sinking During World War II of the Liberty Ship SS Paul Hamilton (Hull No. 0227) off the coast of Algiers, North Africa on 20 Apr 1944

Sources - Abbreviations

(1) Report of Proceedings of a Board of Officers, Headquarters, 9107 TSU-QMC, American Graves Registration Service, Mediterranean Zone, Rome, Italy, on 17 Jun 1949. Board Members: Major Townsend C. Anderson (O-30195), Major William D. Kirkpatrick (O-419138), Captain Samuel F. Fritz (O-410379), Captain Carroll A. Pinner (O-1736493), Captain Richard H. Tuttle (O-56893), First Lieutenant Carl Hunter (O-1322854), and First Lieutenant Anthony J. Daniels (O-420501). Approved 10 Jun 1949 by Colonel Whitfield W. Watson.

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Name Service Number Rank Branch
. . . .
Fordham, Edward A. 12158911 PFC USAAC
Forkel, Richard C. 32720135 CPL USAAC
Forsee, Frederick W. 37413962 SGT USA-MD
Foster, Charles E. 17076242 SGT USAAC
Fox, Abraham 32818038 PFC USAAC
Fox, George D. 32095118 SGT USAAC
French, Frederick O. 38312585 SGT USAAC
Friedman, Herbert 32326981 SGT USAAC
Friedman, Stanley M. O-584367 2LT USAAC
Fueston, Vernon F. 39305218 PFC USAAC
Furletti, Mario J. 32838088 CPL USA-MD
Furman, Covert H. 33616525 PFC USAAC

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