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Houston, Harris County, Texas

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Judah P. Benjamin Award

Malcolm Wayne Browne

Malcolm Wayne Browne
Presented - 13 June 2009 - National Recipient Number 182

Biographical Narrative

Malcolm was born on 4 Sept 1953 in Houston, Harris Co., TX and is the son of the late Glenn Mason Browne and Hortence Ann Adams. His siblings include: Sharron Ann Browne Turpin, Glenn Mason Browne, Jr., Joseph Hamilton Browne, Morris Browne and Paul Browne.

In May 1972, he graduated from Clear Creek High School in League City, TX.

After serving in Vietnam, he was discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps> He returned to Houston and attended the University of Houston, and finished 3˝-years, with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Malcolm began his career in investment banking at the investment firm, Westcap Corporation, a division of the National Western Life Insurance Company. He left the Westcap Corporation in 1995, after 17-years in the position of 1st Vice President and honored in 1988 with being named to the Westcap Hall of Fame.

While on a historical trip in 1995 to Iwo Jima, Japan for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the famous battle, Malcolm conceived the idea of the National Veterans Museum, a museum to honor all American Servicemen and women, from the American Revolution to the present. The Board of Directors includes two Major Generals and two Admirals along with a Medal of Honor recipient. Malcolm serves as the chairman of this board.

For more information on The Veterans Museum in Texas

< http://www.theveteransmuseumintexas.org/ >

Since 1995, Malcolm has been self-employed in the retail sales of various investment products. He is a member of the: Veterans Museum in Texas, American Legion (Life Member), Veterans of Foreign Wars (Life Member), Marine Corps League (Life Member), First Marine Division (Life Member), Ellington Field Task Force, Government Affairs Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership, Charter member of the Harris County Republican Party Military Partnership Committee.

On 4 Nov 1989 in Houston, Harris Co., TX, Malcolm was married to Florence Worchesik. They are the parents of: Rachael Florence Browne and Erika Amber Browne.

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Judah P. Benjamin Pin

The Judah P. Benjamin Award is presented to honor the Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America. It consists of a certificate awarded to individuals for outstanding endeavors and achievements not necessarily related to the Confederacy in the following fields: civic / community service, conservation, education, the environment, humanitarian efforts and patriotic service.

In 2001, the award was approved at the 108th Annual General Convention held in Columbia, SC. The first award was presented in 2002 at the 109th Annual Convention held in Richmond, VA by President General Mrs. Frank I. Silek to Dr. O. James Lightehizer, President of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

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